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Bourbon Banter 14.0

Dan and Corey had a rough week. But not as rough of a week as Democrats trying to figure out what went wrong in Virginia...

Bourbon Banter 13.0

Dr. Fauci's Children's book will be a top seller!! "Fauci and his Beagles". But is it really what it seams? How involved was Fauci himself and how do narratives effect our opinions on matters such as these. Red Pill vs Blue P...

Bourbon Banter 12.0 - A Phone It In Frenzy

Dan and Corey had a bad week. So we're phoning it in. Corey almost died from the flu and Dan has allergies that will kill an elephant. Corey's parents have covid. The trial over the MURDER of Ahmaud Arbery is starting soon. The workers are revolting! America lost a war monger

Bourbon Banter 11.0 - Big Pharma Boot Licking

The media licks the boots of big pharma in the name of killing Covid...again. Christopher Columbus was a piece of shit, but should we totally forget him? The debt ceiling crisis is solved for now because democrats are out of touch, and republicans are out of touch, assholes.

Bourbon Banter 10.0 - The Real Job Creators

Dan get's fancy with a Martini while Corey stays traditional. The Pandora Papers reveal more than just rich foreigners hiding their money. Andrew Yang saves America? And the debt ceiling is a Boomer trope.

Bourbon Banter 9.0 - The Divorce

Corey is getting a divorce from Tulsi Gabbard. The Left is also capable of bullshit conspiracy theories. The Trump Administration tried to "James Bond" an American Hero. What does the FBI actually do? Let's take a look at January 6th. And a Trump vs Pence showdown on Celebrity Death Match?

Bourbon Banter 8.0

Missing White Woman Syndrome Takes the Nation By Storm. We have a brand new crisis at the border. How much freedom is too much freedom? Gavin Newsome wasn't's our shocked face...

Bourbon Banter 7.0

AOC's Gala dress, a Robert E. Lee statue, and a drone strike in Afghanistan walk into a bar....

Bourbon Banter Biden Bash (6.0)

After doing the unthinkable and saying that a president at some point in US history did a good thing, we give you what we promised....A Biden bashing.

Bourbon Banter 5.0 - 13 Soldiers Lost Represent 1000s Forgotten

Dan and Corey discuss the final steps of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and how many people are unable to view the Afghan War for what it truly is. Which is a complicated, nuanced, 20 year marathon.

Bourbon Banter 4.0 - Grievances

Dan and Corey drink booze and parse out the nuances of the FDA's approval of the Pfizer vaccine, the comparisons between Afghanistan and the border, and why Libertarians are annoying.

Bourbon Banter 3.0 - The United States of Afghanistan

Narratives be damned. The United States Military is leaving Afghanistan. Dan and Corey break it down as two intellectual idiots should.

Bourbon Banter 2.0

Dan and Corey gather to drink their chosen whiskey and banter about the goings on with Andrew Cuomo, Biden's infrastructure bill, the eviction moratorium, and the new federal Covid mandates. Let's drink...and talk.

The Social and Digital Civil War: Conclusion

Dan and Corey summarize Season 1. Understanding America's social and digital civil war. Is it real? If so, is it fixable? What have we learned? What have YOU learned?

Bourbon Banter 1.0

Bourbon Banter will henceforth be the episodes where Dan and Corey get together, drink whiskey (preferably bourbon), and give you ongoing narratives being pushed by the political left and right and express their opinions as to why they're all flawed, hypocritical, and unreasonably biased.

Good Trump, Bad Trump: Turning Enemies Into Friends - Ft. Erick Slomkowski

What do you get when you put a paradoxical liberal, a libertarian, and a former regional director for the Trump campaign in the same room in 2021? Tune in and find out.

The Disconnection of Moral Perception Ft. Dr. Dylan Selterman

It's not necessarily what you say, but how you say it. Conservatives and liberals actually have morals that are pretty close to one another, but how they are stated can be remarkably different. Moral perception and where liberals and conservatives are disconnection.

Intellectual Idiots Understanding The Social & Digital Civil War

Dan and Corey break down America's social and digital civil war as they see it. Prior to any conversations from the outside. How will the discussion progress as the season continues?

Pilot - Get Out of Your Echo Chamber

Let's build a community. In the Pilot episode, Dan and Corey discuss what this project is all about. At it's core, it's about critical thinking, nuanced discussion, and understanding. At a time where Americans are fed what they are supposed to think based on which echo chamber they fell into while stumbling home from the bar, a lot of us are lost in the ball pit of common sense. Let's find out how different (or similar) we really feel (ON AVERAGE) about things like domestic and geo politics, race, gender, poverty, guns, and all of the other things we've been told we are supposed to think a certain way about. Get out of your f***ing echo chamber!!