Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy!

Season 1

White Boy Rick, Desantis the Fascist, Banking Blunders, and The Imminent Arrest of Donald J. Trump

Dan's Exhaustion From Learning To Be A Florida Fascist Makes This One Interesting. We Go Over Some Detroit Lore That Gives The Nation A Reason To Distrust Law Enforcement. The Banking System. Imminent Collapse...Or Master Plan? DeSantis Attempts Authoritarian Tactics To Fight...You Guessed It...Authoritarian "Wokeness".

Banks, Labor, and Human(e) Rights!!!

Dan is getting his "Fascist" on in Florida, so it's Corey's turn to get worked up! Tech banks are collapsing. Financial crisis 2.0? Some folks predicted this. Not all labor movements are created equal. Matt Taibbi exposes just how inept and corrupt congress really is...without even saying anything.

The Politicization Of Medicine

The Daily Wire Claims Chris Rock as a Social Conservative Darling? And Something About "Woke" Chocolate. A New Zealand Study Gives Us The Skinny On Covid Vaccine Data. The Kidnappings In Mexico Get Us Asking About Why "Medical Tourism" Is Such A Necessity.

American Lives and Minds Are Political Chess Pieces

The fiasco in East Palestine is not and never was about the people effected. It is clearly about politics. Why did Trump go and Biden not so?...Politics over people. Not because anyone cares about the poor people. Alphabet agencies admit Covid "likely" came from a lab leak. And it is why government should NEVER have control over information.

The Ukrainian States Of America

Biden makes a trip to Ukraine to promise more money while Ohio soaks in Vinyl Chloride. Contracting Covid is Just as Effective at Preventing Covid (if not more) as the vaccines. Big Media Outlets Finally Admit. Right Wing Media knew Trump's push of Dominion voting machines rigging the election was bulls**t....They ran with it anyway.

Nukes & UFOs : Fill In Your 2023 Bingo Card

Another Shooting Near Our Home at Michigan State: Let The Gross, Political Grandstanding and Grifting Begin! The East Palestine Rail Disaster: Time To Place Blame Rather Than Fixing Issues. UFO's? A Psyop?...Probably Not.

Newton's Third Law Applies To Culture & Politics

Hogwarts Legacy has the gaming world in a tizzy. Biden's State of the Union Was as Bad as You Thought. Is the Mainstream Media Setting Biden Up to be Primaried?

The Left Sets Narratives & The Right Reacts

Dan and Corey welcome Bel "The Body Snatcher" in as our new "fact checker" / Googler extraordinaire. Three Episodes into "Velma" on HBO Max...Right Wing Psy-Op? Not Likely...but still maybe. Tyre Nichols, and the disservice done to him and his loved ones based on the wrong narrative. Republicans and Democrats polled: GOVERNMENT is US's Biggest Problem.

Taxation: The Political Football That Is Always Sitting At Midfield

Fair Tax? Yes Please. Kevin McCarthy Gets Honest. Video Isn't Enough to Quell False Narratives.

Conservative Rifts and Liberal Shifts

The death of "wokeism" could be starting. And the cultural left might be the catalyst. Online conservative media is grifting? Stephen Crowder seems to be pointing in that direction. Maybe by accident, Vaccines for insects? Could be good!!

The Freedom Caucus Did A Good Thing. But, In Good Faith?

The Freedom Caucus Has McCarthy's Balls The Way "The Squad" Should Have Had Pelosi's. Immigration again? Just One Of The Things Both Parties Continue To Get All Wrong. No More Non-Compete Clauses? Sign Us Up!!

Trumpists vs McCarthy. Did Trump Help Democrats? & Twitter: The Psyop Factory

Kevin McCarthy's woes amuse Democrats but not "Leftists". Is Trump actually and asset for Dems now? Or is it still an open secret? Twitter is truly a place for rotten human, clout seekers. Left, Right, and Center. And it's not because of Elon. The First Amendment and Tech. The lines continue to blur.

2022 Doomsday Show! Predictions For 2023. What We're Good At. And Why We Suck.

Dan and Corey Reflect on 2022 around the world of politics and culture. What is improving? What is getting worse? And what small things can we do as a show and as a society to improve? And what is to come in 2023? Reflect with us!

Don't Know Who To Blame? It's Usually The FBI. - Who's Finally Going To Start This War On Christmas?

What do Twitter, The Beltway Journalist Class, Republicans, Democrats, and Elon Musk all have in common?

Twitter Ain't The Courts. And The Courts Ain't Twitter

Trump NFTs are Hilarious, Fun, and Really Not Worth Getting Upset Over. Brittney Griner Is Home, and People Are Real A**Holes About it. What Do The Twitter Files Prove? That The "Terminally Online" Have Serious Mind Worms. The Courts Are Doing Things, and Nobody Cared Because #Elon and #Kanye. Nuclear Fusion Is Finally Here!! Now Lets See How Politics and Lobbyists Destroy It.

Twitter's Recovery From Pseudo Journalism

Dan and Corey discuss Bari Weiss' release of Round 2 of the #TwitterFiles LIVE as they come in. INSTANT REACTION.

Autocracy In...Autocracy Out

This episode attempts to explore the subtle ways in which autocracy creeps into the various systems of government and how people allow identity politics mold them into autocrats.

Investigations Everywhere. But No Accountability In Sight

The World Shills to Qatar at the 2020 FIFA World Cup. A Republican House Prepares to Investigate Hunter Biden And Nobody Will Win. False Flags Are No Longer Just A Geopolitical Problem...It's Now A Precedented Political Weapon At Home.

American Politics: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Trump Announces His Candidacy. Nobody Cares. But How The Media Handles It Will Likely Be Super Cringe. Does Anybody Remember There Is A War In Ukraine? Not Really...And The UniParty NeoCons Want It That Way. Should We Offer Covid Amnesty? Yes To Some...And FUCK No To Others. The Police Issue: Is It Race Based OR Class Based?

It's Time To Have More Faith In Voters - A 2022 Midterm Recap

The 2022 midterms were surprisingly reassuring for our Democracy. Not because of the politicians who won, which we fully expect to continue their awful governance. But because of what it showed us about voters.

Only A Few Days Left For Democracy! Whatever Shall We Do!?

Hypocrisy and Political Catastrophizing of Paul Pelosi and the 2017 Congressional Baseball Game Shooting. Racism and Gerrymandering in Los Angeles. Which is more important? Only a few days left for democracy as the result of the midterms will destroy our country no matter who wins.

Kanye (Ye) Breaks The World While Hershel Walker and Dr. Oz Save It

Ye (Kanye) sounded like an Anti-Semetic Propagandist on Lex Fridman's Show. How should we handle it? "The Most Consequential Election Ever" has the worst people at the forefront....again. Pfizer could be making some moves regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. Progressive Democrats think about taking on the establishment again. But proceed to get put in timeout...again.

Tulsi Shows The DeMoCrAps; Conservative Cancel Culture?

Tulsi Gabbard: Grifter or Real Anti-War Activist? Right Wing Cancel Culture and the Racial Undertones. Could Coal Really Become A Net Zero Fuel Source?

Solo session with Corey!

With Dan under the weather, Corey takes the reins as he does his best to navigate through the political noise all by himself. Does he flounder? Listen and find out and more importantly let us know!

Listener Topics; Republican Immigration Policy; Reality of Censorship; Energy Extremism; Nuclear War

Listener picks! Why we left the two party system. Loretta Lynn Dies: Bringing Us To Discuss The Reality of How We Feel About Censorship. Energy Extremism: Is It Sort Of Helping The Discussion?

House Keeping! - Ian and Politicizing Disaster; Immigration; Pandemic Is Over; MORE...

How The Uni-party Exploits Disaster For Your Vote. Nord Stream Sabotage...Who Done It? Immigration: Republicans Made Their Point...But What Is Their Plan? Joe Biden Demonstrates Why He and Trump Aren't So Different.

Interview With Tristan Taylor of Detroit Will Breathe

Dan and Corey welcome in activist, Tristan Taylor from Detroit Will breath to discuss segregation and it's use as a political tool, movements like "Defund the Police" and how people are disconnected on it's meaning, class differences and how they compare and contrast to race. And how our discourse as Americans has manipulated even the best of us. We discuss the new labor movement and Generation "YOU". And a whole bunch more...

Ukraine Strikes Back; Re-Opening Nuclear Power?; Corey's Union Update

Ukraine Goes All Rocky On Putin and Russia Democratic Leaders Embracing Nuclear Power?...Sort Of Corey Gives A Union Update. Republicans Coming Around On Abortion?...Sort Of

Death of a Monarch; The Autocracy of the "Uni-Party"; Trump's Nuclear Docs; MORE...

What Are The Differences Between Biden & Trump Following the "D*rk Br*ndon" Speech? Elizabeth II's Legacy Thru The Eyes of Intellectual Idiots. The Price-Setter Pelosis Are At It Again. Parts of Europe Begin To Hold Their Own Government Accountable for Ukraine.

Biden Is A Conservative; DOJ Politics; California Can't Meme; Energy Pragmatism

Joe Biden is a conservative. He always has been. But if you still don't believe it. Check out his speech in Pennsylvania. The DOJ has set new rules for it's employees regarding elections. What does it mean?

Student Loan Debt; Fauci Resigns; Whitmer Plotters Convicted; Elite DUIs Equal 1 Day In Jail.

Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness. What Is Good About It. And How It Doesn't Really Solve The Problem. Fauci Is Walking Away. Which Means "Science" Is Retiring! What Will Happen To The World Now? Being In The Coastal Elite Means You're Allowed To Drink And Drive...And Probably Other Things. Twitter Whistle Blower.

Forward Party Makes Libertarians BIG MAD; Trump VS FBI Continues; Salman Rushdie & Free Speech

The Forward Party. The Establishment and Radicals Alike are ALL Shitting On It. So We Attended An Event... The FBI - Trump Saga Proves That When It Comes To Politics...The Truth May Never Matter Again.

Mar-a-Lago “Under Siege”; GOP’s Insulin Blockade; IRS Audits Are Coming; MORE…

Early Analysis of The FBI's Search At Mar-a-Lago. Insulin Price Caps. The Politics, Reality, Consequences, and Other Solutions To Overpriced Insulin. The IRS Is Coming For More of YOUR Money. Pelosi Drunkenly Stumbles Her Way Into Taiwan.

Biden's "Redemption"; Republicans Hate Vets; Pelosi v China; Kansas Abortion Vote; MORE...

Trump Cucks Out To The Saudis. Biden's Reconciliation Bill 2.0. Will It Fix All Of America's Ills? Republicans Throw A Hissy Fit & Try to Screw Our Vets....Again. Pelosi Goes To War With China, and Kansas Sets the Tone On Abortion.

7/28/22 - WSG Steve Doroslovic; Congress did something?; DNC tricks; Amazons' monopoly; Alzheimers

Steve Doroslovic joins the episode while Dan out gallivanting in the woods. Wait wait wait Congress did something? DNC continues it's dirty tricks, what could possibly go wrong? Amazon continues its domination of virtually every market. Forget what you know about Alzheimers! If we remember to talk about it.

7/21/22- AOC "Arrested"; Senate Culture Wars; Biden's Saudi Trip; Jobs Coming Home?; Dems Love Trump

AOC isn't one of us and she shows it with her phony, staged arrest. Where were you when the Amazon workers needed you? Biden's Saudi Trip was a real hoot. Democrats and John Bolton say their respective quiet parts out loud...Winning elections is all that matters, and the United States plans foreign Coups.

7/14/22- The Left Abandons Biden; Republicans (don't) Solve Inflation; US Secret Military; MORE...

Are Hunter Biden's electronics becoming the Right Wing Version of Russia-Gate and January 6th? Biden's polling numbers are so bad, even the establishment Democrats are abandoning him. We are used to the US Intelligence Agencies spying on Americans...But the military too? Even a tragic story about a 10 year old can't avoid shameless politization.

7/7/22 - Abortion Is About Children?; Joe or Donald...Neither?; 1/6 Credibility; Red Flag Laws Fail

Comically scary political candidates are fun to laugh at...for now. Are abortion bans really about saving children? Maybe...until they don't. Biden or Trump in 2024? Most of America says F**K NO!! January 6th Committee Loses Credibility, and "Red Flag Laws" Are Already Not Working.

Tristan Taylor from Detroit Will Breath

Dan and Corey welcome in activist, Tristan Taylor from Detroit Will breath to discuss segregation and it's use as a political tool, movements like "Defund the Police" and how people are disconnected on it's meaning, class differences and how they compare and contrast to race. And how our discourse as Americans has manipulated even the best of us. We discuss the new labor movement and Generation "YOU". And a whole bunch more...

Supreme Court Week!

With a week to unpack the Dobbs decision to overturn Roe V Wade, we'll do so. Morality, enforcement, and what is to come are all on the table. In a relatively liberal ruling, SCOTUS allows the Biden administration to scrap Trump's "Remain In Mexico" policy for asylum seekers. The EPA loses some of it's powers. What's worse? The potential dangers of climate change, or bureaucracies stomping on the democratic process? Arguing over Football coaches praying? Who the F*** cares?!

6/23/22-Potties & Government; New Prohibition from FDA; Juneteenth Doesn't Hurt; What Is A Woman?

What Do A Potty Training Child's Urine And US Government Spending Have In Common? Prohibition Is Alive And Well In The United States. Let's Get Libertarian!! Pointing Out The Spot On The Doll Where Juneteenth Hurt You Isn't That Hard. We Do A Good-Faith, Non-Emotional Review of Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire's, "What Is A Woman?"

6/16/22-Jan. 6th Committee Objective; Border Districts Go Red?; Senate Gun Deal; USA Today's LIES...

January 6th Committee's Agenda Border District Votes Republican? The Bi-Partisan Gun Bill "Agreement". The USA Today admits Corporate Media Sucks

6/12/22- CNN Overhaul; Jan 6th Hearing; More Stock Act Violators; Golf & Genocide; MORE

CNN' Possible Overhaul January 6th Hearings and Why They Suck Congress' Stock Act Violations PGA Golfers Paid By Mass Murderers

6/3/22- Guns & Policing; Biden Laptop Narratives; Sussman Acquitted; Andrew Yang a GOP Asset?

Defending Gun Rights vs Defending Guns. And fighting over guns being a total non-starter. Policing and why distrust of law enforcement is a bi-partisan issue. Michael Sussman verdict. The revelations and why the Clinton attorney he was found not guilty. Andrew Yanks recent trend on Twitter is proof of the dystopian alternate universe that Twitter really is.

5/26/22- Uvalde; Government Funded Union Busting?; Elon's Politics; Pelosi "Hate's" Women; MORE

A Good-Faith breakdown following the Uvalde Tragedy. No political points scored here. Democrats love workers, right? Not so much. Isreal's Jamal Khashoggi. Nancy Pelosi supports a pro-life candidate in Texas

5/20/22- Disinformation Board DIES; Shootings & "White Replacement"; Baby Formula & Unions; MORE

The Biden Administration's "Ministry of Truth" is dead for now. One person is really mad about it. Two mass shootings In a matter of days. Let's break out the political grandstanding! The shortage of baby formula is one of the worst cases of crony capitalism in our lifetime. Corey goes to a Union bar. What happens when you take identity out of political debate?

5/13/22- GOP Overreach on Roe; Rand Paul vs Mayorkis; When Intel Leaks Are Good

GOP losing by winning Sloppy seconds as we re-explain codifying Roe. Rand Paul get's it right.

5/6/22-SCOTUS Roe Leak; DHS "Disinformation" Board; Tax Prep Is Theft!; More...

Politico's leak of the SCOTUS opinion isn't great if you're pro choice. But it doesn't have to be a catastrophe.

4/29/22- Musk Derangement Syndrome; Disney Isn't Left; Tax Filing Racket; 3rd Party Nihilism; MORE

The Reality of Elon's Twitter vs More Fear Mongering Disney is bad. But identity politics are pointing fingers in the wrong place as usual Third Party Nihilism isn't helping. Sometimes making real change is REALLY hard.

4/22/22 - Student Loan Forgiveness; Mandates Lifted; Labor Movement Updates; MORE...

CNN+ Catastrophe Student Loan Forgiveness for Corey? Mandates No More! Trump Is In Love With Dr. Oz Labor Movement