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4/29/22- Musk Derangement Syndrome; Disney Isn't Left; Tax Filing Racket; 3rd Party Nihilism; MORE

The Reality of Elon's Twitter vs More Fear Mongering Disney is bad. But identity politics are pointing fingers in the wrong place as usual Third Party Nihilism isn't helping. Sometimes making real change is REALLY hard.

4/22/22 - Student Loan Forgiveness; Mandates Lifted; Labor Movement Updates; MORE...

CNN+ Catastrophe Student Loan Forgiveness for Corey? Mandates No More! Trump Is In Love With Dr. Oz Labor Movement

4/15/22 - NY Shooting and Identity Politics; Elon & Twitter; Cops Messing With Algorithms; More...

Cops use Disney to circumvent doing a better job. Mass Shootings and Identity Politics. Elon's Twitter Takeover UBI to Only Worthy Victims? Tennessee Mucks Up Marriage Law

4/8/22- Elon & Twitter; Yang LOVES Independents; Amazon Unions; MORE

The Michigan Governor's "Kidnappers" are ACQUITTED!? Madison Cawthorn and the DC orgies make for a new, short lived "pet cause" for Twitter mobs. Andrew Yang talked to John Stossel for an hour, and that's a good thing. Let's talk UBI. Amazon's Union Leader is a Boss!!

4/1/22- Biden's Budget; Cannabis Legalization; Ukraine Peace; "Don't Say Gay"; MORE...

Will Smith's "Assault" on Chris Rock. Calm Down, already. Biden's "billionaire" tax. How can it work? Marijuana Legislation passes in the House!! Will it help Dems in the midterms? Dan's Monologue - Consequences and How They Go Unconsidered Red Pill vs Blue Pill - Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill. Which partisan pill are you swallowing?

3/25/22-KBJ Hearing; Trans Sports; Fauci, Where Are You?; Midterm Predictions; MORE...

KBJ dealt with some GOP "Gotcha" questions. With Lindsay Graham taking part in the very behavior the GOP accuses the woke mob of. Trans women in sports is a difficult topic. So let's do it! We launch a new segment: "WHAT YEAR IS IT?"

3/18/22- American Perception of Foreign Policy; Gas Prices and Bad Logic; Millennial Takeover; MORE

Dan and Corey let the humor take over as they get back to it. Topics include the daylight savings bill, polling around Ukraine and why Americans don't understand war, and GAS PRICES!!

3/11/2022 - Interview With Dr. Dylan Selterman

We re-run our interview with Dr. Dylan Selterman from Johns Hopkins University. Originally recorded in July of 2021. We discuss moral perception as it pertains to political affiliation, mental health and how people communicate, understanding "Fringe Group Think", and a ton more!

3/5/22 - Housekeeping and Saturday Brunch;CPAC and Tulsi; Things Ukraine Made Us Forget Ab

Ukraine has dominated the news for good reason. Let's get to some things we weren't able to get to.

2/25/22 - Russia's Invasion of Ukraine. Where We Went Wrong. What Putin Wants. And Western Hubris.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine.How did we get it wrong, and why?What does Putin really want?What is the US domestic angle here, and how do America's unstable politics play into a European war?

2/18/22- Canada Emergency Act; Durham Report; WTF's Up W/ Ukraine?; Vaccines & Organ Transplants...

#Freedom Convoy updates. Is Trudeau exercising authoritarianism? An actual European listener joins us to tell us how the "Ukraine Problem" is affecting actual Europeans. The Clinton campaign is in trouble again. AOC Got something right!

2/11/22 - #FreedomConvoy; Flint Water Still Kills; Union Busting @ Amazon; No Knock Warrants...

Stop Calling the #FreedomConvoy Racists. 60,000 Followers of the POC4FreedomConvoy Instagram prove it that narrative to be bullshit. After 8 years Flint School Children can finally drink from the drinking fountains and it's not as happy as you'd think. Union busting is what the cool kids do at Amazon. And white people need to stop "White-splaining".

2/4/22 -Joe Rogan vs Books; Aide For Ukraine; #FreedomConvoy2022 UPDATE; Aussie Victim Olympics

Dan and Corey discuss the narrative around banning books. Hint: The Left and Right are both guilty of it. Freedom Convoy 2022 mini update. A small victim olympiad is taking place in Australia. Who will win?

1/28/22 - SCOTUS; Young vs Rogan; #TruckersForFreedom2022; MORE...

Biden's SCOTUS pick; Fear Mongering Over Ukraine; #TruckersForFreedom2022; Neil Young vs Spotify; MORE...

1/21/22: Biden's Presser, Joe Rogan Won't Be Cancelled, China Goes Nuclear; Right Wingers LOVE Statues; &MORE

Biden said nothing for two hours. Canceling Joe Rogan will have the opposite of its intended effect. Right-Wingers would make out with a statue before they would their own wives. Congress wants to stop insider trading?

Bourbon Banter 23 - Gag Orders By The Fed; Kazakhstan's "Coup"

Dan and Corey talk about the story that mainstream publications appear to have a gag order not to discuss. Big banks are gambling with your money again. Kazakhstan may be the most politically savvy country in the world.

Bourbon Banter 22.0 - Positivity Continued

Dan and Corey discuss the Ahmaud Arbery murder sentencing, spreading positive news about the climate and poverty in 2022, Marojorie Taylor Greene's Twitter blowout, and mandates mandates mandates!!

Year End Positivity Special 2021

Dan and Corey say goodbye to 2021 with all of the good stories that you probably didn't hear from the mainstream media.

Bourbon Banter 20.0 - Merry Holidays

Dan and Corey discuss the bipartisan nature of what equates to insider trading in congress. But by all means keep blaming the blue team or red team. Russia isn't going to invade Ukraine. They just aren't.

Bourbon Banter 19.0

Dan and Corey review how boring the #MaxwellTrial is and will always be, just how bad and avoidable the deaths in Illinois and Kentucky were during last Friday's storms, Stephen Donziger's "Freedom", and how "woke" is too "woke"?

Bourbon Banter 18.0

Dan and Corey go over some of the important stories of the week. Jussie Smollett, Omicron, Tim Gilbert's retrial, Agent Provocateur's stealing your tax money, and a short update on Oxford, Michigan.

Bourbon Banter 17.0 - #OxfordStrong

We are Oxford, Michigan. We record our show a mere 30 minutes from the Community. When this stuff hits close to's fucking different. Take your grandstanding and shove it.

Bourbon Banter 16.0 - Verdicts Make Ya'll Crazy

The Rittenhouse verdict is in, but so is another important verdict that dropped the very same day. Why does it matter?

Bourbon Banter 15.1 - You're Wrong About Kyle Rittenhouse

The Kyler Rittenhouse verdict hadn't dropped as of this recording. It doesn't matter because you're probably wrong about it. America loves colonialism, and we all hope Joe Biden enjoys his final honeymoon.