"Intellectual Idiots Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy"

"WHY DON'T THEY TRUST US?!", whined The Establishment.

Dan and Corey explore the week's news. Including the Trump - CNN town hall, Ron DeSantis' "Let Them Die" bill, and the revelations (or lack thereof) in the full release of the Durham Report. And how all of these topics are twisted and turned into hyperbole. Giving Americans more of a reason to question everything out politicians and media throw at us.

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In today's addition of "Two Intellectual Idiots Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy" Dan, Corey, and Bel "The Bodysnatcher " take YOU, the disenfranchised or politically homeless sane person into:

1) The Trump-CNN town hall controversy to help you understand why all of the punditry, social media outrage, and hand wringing is way off base. 

2) Ron DeSantis' NEW "Let Them Die Bill". A bill that the some left leaning blowhards say could KILL members of the LGBTQ community. That is possible... but very unlikely once you pop your Klonopin, have your overpriced coffee, and realize what the bill actually is. We're here to help... 

3) The Durham Report. We'll do our best to walk through the political weaponry that our Alphabet organizations have become. And how the establishment elites continue to shoot themselves in the foot by trying to over - propagandize.


If you are a supporter of political pluralism, the free market of ideas, liberty, nuanced debate, and enjoying conversation with those you may disagree with... Then LIBSERVATIVE should be in your regular show rotation! Make it happen and tell a friend. 


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