"Intellectual Idiots Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy"

White Boy Rick, Desantis the Fascist, Banking Blunders, and The Imminent Arrest of Donald J. Trump

Dan's Exhaustion From Learning To Be A Florida Fascist Makes This One Interesting.
We Go Over Some Detroit Lore That Gives The Nation A Reason To Distrust Law Enforcement.
The Banking System. Imminent Collapse...Or Master Plan?
DeSantis Attempts Authoritarian Tactics To Fight...You Guessed It...Authoritarian "Wokeness".

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This week we share our thoughts on the Q&A with White Boy Rick and Charlie Leduff, it left us with questions... 

Desantis is fighting "wokeism" with Fascism TaKe tHaT LiBeRaLs!! 

Big banks verses little banks the fight is on! 

Is the "Don" getting arrested on "trumped" up charges



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