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Twitter's Recovery From Pseudo Journalism

Elon Musk is releasing scores of internal emails from employees working for Twitter shortly before the 2020 election to (actual journalists) Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss. These emails appear to some to incriminate Twitter in regards to the handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story. We'll discuss what it all means and what it DOES NOT mean. Legality vs Ethics. Two concepts that have become remarkably interchangeable in the eyes of political ideologues.

The Russia - Ukraine war has become a fight between two toddlers in a sandbox where the Boomer woman who runs the day care is trying to figure out what just happened and who started it....Plus nuclear weapons.

The courts are back in the news and making decisions that could have an effect on liberty. But Kanye's view on Jews is more important than the future of the Republic...We understand.

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