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Twitter Ain't The Courts. And The Courts Ain't Twitter.

Dan and Corey open with a little house keeping on the following topics:
1) Short Twitter Files Recap
2) Brittney Griner's Swap for A Second Rate Bond Villain That Nobody Knew.
3) Kanye's Fall and Why You're Wrong About It.
4) Trump's Newest Business Venture! Genius or Grifting?...Possibly Both.

The Twitter files only proved one thing in the world of Twitter. And it is something that we already knew. If you're "terminally online", especially on Twitter...either the blue or red mind worms have warped your sense of reality. Let's talk about the reaction to the Yoel Roth situation.

The courts made it back into the news last week, but we all missed it because it's boring. And letting the world know your outrage surrounding Elon's Twitter files is clearly more important to our democracy. But we'll try to make it engaging. Courts matter.

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have achieved "ignition" using nuclear fusion for the first time. It's a great achievement that could give us more clean usable energy than we would need for millions of years, and we love it. Now let's talk about how politics can ruin it.

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