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Trumpists vs McCarthy. Did Trump Help Democrats? & Twitter: The Psyop Factory

As of this LIVE recording, Kevin McCarthy can't seem to get his own party to get his own party to agree that he is the best man as speaker of the house through 9 (wait no, 10...11?...) rounds of voting. How much of this is due to the rift created within the party by former President Trump? And what does all of this mean for America's fifth grade kickball game masquerading as politics?

After Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin went down with an apparent cardiac event on Monday Night Football this week, Twitter got moving. And once again, all of Twitter became medical doctors and data analytics experts. While not giving a s**t about the 24 year old young man possibly dying on the field. Anything to get a "Gotcha!!" on anyone who needs to get got!

More Twitter Files revelations. And they continue to get juicier as the 1st amendment side of the whole fiasco continues to blur. Legality vs Ethics are still in the balance. Has the federal government found a loophole to violate our most important right?

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