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The Ukrainian States Of America

Joe Biden made a "secret" trip to Ukraine in the past week to pledge millions of dollars more in aide to Zelensky. Which would be noble...if there was any attempt by the west to make piece with Russia.
Meanwhile...East Palestine, Ohio cant get a dime to clean up the vinyl chloride train disaster. It's not partisan...it's just f**king wrong.

The mainstream media is beginning to admit what many "conspiracy theorists" knew about 2 years ago. Contracting Covid is just as effective (if not more) at providing immunity than the mRNA vaccine. Who knew (other than anyone with a high school biology understanding of virology)?

Dominion's lawsuits against Fox News are ongoing. Right wing news pushed Donald Trump's ridiculous idea that Dominion voting machines were tampered with to provide Joe Biden with the victory in the 2020 election Tucker Carlson knew it. Sean Hannity knew it. It was all bulls**t and they ran with it anyway. Cable news is trash regardless of political lean.



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