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Nukes & UFOs : Fill In Your 2023 Bingo Card

Lots of love going out to the folks in and around East Palestine, Ohio. With what may end up being the biggest ecological disaster in our nation's history after all the fallout has been assessed. What is responsible for this? Is it government overreach? A lack of oversight? Or simple "crony" capitalism running amok? We're not looking to place blame, exactly. But how can we learn from these things and the way our system is run to stop these occurrences moving forward?

UFOs and weather balloons are the thing we are all supposed to be experts in now? Is it a psyop to distract us from the Epstein list being revealed? Probably not. More likely just lots more incomitance by big government.

WHISTLE BLOWER ESPECIAL!: Nordstream Revelations and Project Veritas busts a Pfizer exec!

And is the State Department funding non-profit tracking "Disinformation"?...Why wouldn't they be?


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