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Hogwarts Legacy is here and it may be the "Velma" of the video game world... Except good. The cultural left is in a tizzy because anything tied to JK Rowling is basically a precursor to the genocide of Gender Divergent Persons. And the cultural Right is clutching its pearls because...there may be a Gender Divergent Character within the game? We're struggling with it too. Maybe we can solve the riddle together. But, its unlikely.

"Old Man Yells At Cloud"...AKA The State of the Union took place this week and we're pretty sure the text thread between our three members here at Libservative provided more than the speech itself. Biden lied...Republicans lied about what he lied about...Marjorie Taylor Green did a Cruella Deville impression...Kyrsten Sinema got her dress from the Big Bird Collection at Osh-Kosh... And Lauren Boebert looked like she spent the whole night smelling Matt Gaetz's hotdog water farts.

Is the media setting Biden up to be Primaried in 2024? There are little hints (in headline form at least) from the some of the big media players.



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