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Investigations Everywhere. But No Accountability In Sight

With the World Cup under way in Qatar, Dan and Corey break down the s**t show that should be. From underreported human rights violations; to the west shilling to another tyrannical regime; to American Conservatives crying "WOKE" whenever they get a chance.

As predicted by anyone with a pulse, the GOP is preparing their House investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden. There are a few ways in which this could play out...none of which are good for the American people....such a shock.

Trump's DHS may have attempted a false flag operation to plant ANTIFA "terrorist" plots in Portland ahead of the 2020 election to gain a political advantage. For those who want to make comparisons between the Riots of the Summer of 2020 and January 6th...Here's your chance. And it's pretty ugly what our domestic politics have become. We have nobody but the UniParty to blame.


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