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Conservative Rifts and Liberal Shifts

Dan's 2023 prediction that the long arduous journey that will be the collapse of "woke" (we really hate that word) ideology may have begun in the form of Mindi Kaling's Scooby Doo spinoff, Velma on HBO Max. It's so "woke" even the American Cultural Left is sh**ing on it.

There is a rift in the world of online, conservative media. Stephen Crowder calls out an unnamed conservative media outlet for being in bed with big tech. He could be right. And should any of us be surprised?

More News on Biden's classified document fiasco. And we care as much as we did last week and last year.

Roe's overturning rears it's not ideal, but not-so-ugly head in South Carolina.

Vaccines for Mosquitos and Bees? Were waiting for Lefty bee keepers to accuse Righty bee keepers of a bee genocide. And for Righty bee keepers to accuse Lefty bee keepers of stripping their bees of their buzz rights and something about bee globalism.


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