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Ukraine Strikes Back; Re-Opening Nuclear Power?; Corey's Union Update

Ukraine Goes All Rocky On Putin and Russia
Democratic Leaders Embracing Nuclear Power?...Sort Of
Corey Gives A Union Update.
Republicans Coming Around On Abortion?...Sort Of

Ukraine launched a counter offensive against Russia in Western Ukraine, which appears to have had some major success. But after the celebration wears off, where do the geo-politics stand? 

Michigan's democratic Governor (Whitmer) re-opens a nuclear power plant? Sometimes politicians steer clear of the establishment and it actually pays off. 

Corey has been itching to give us a union update. We may have narrowly avoided disaster with the rail workers, but what else is going on in the labor revolt. The good, bad, and ugly. 

Dan's Monologue: "Abortion, State's Rights, and Why We Should Be Like Kansas." 


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