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Tulsi Shows The DeMoCrAps; Conservative Cancel Culture?

Tulsi Gabbard: Grifter or Real Anti-War Activist?
Right Wing Cancel Culture and the Racial Undertones.
Could Coal Really Become A Net Zero Fuel Source?

What A Week! Dan returns from the brink of death while Liz Truss buries herself in a Thatcherite economic grave! 

Tulsi Gabbard officially announces her departure from the Democratic Party and the launch of a new podcast. A new independent? Or the female Tucker Carlson? Real Aloha? Or Fearmongering grift? 

We expect "The Left" to bully folks who have made mistakes into unemployment and shame. Usually of race or gender issues. But "The Right" doing the same thing? Oh yes. "Woke Derangement Syndrome" takes hold in the world of NASCAR. 

Could coal be the answer in the fight against climate change? Science says maybe. But Not if crony Capitalism and the Climate Ideologues have anything to say about it!!


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