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The Social and Digital Civil War: Conclusion

Dan and Corey summarize Season 1. Understanding America's social and digital civil war. Is it real? If so, is it fixable? What have we learned? What have YOU learned?

Dan and Corey open with the emotions of being tied to our opinions and political views. Viewing the Trump presidency and Trump voters in hindsight should be objective. Trump voters are NOT Trump. Trump showed us the "the lesser of two evils" approach IS NOT WORKING. Demand better.

We bring YOU, the people into the fold. What do YOU think about the social and digital civil war? Thanks to our Redditors for their responses to our question! (Send us and email at OR tweet at us @LibservativePod OR send us a message on our Libservative Facebook Page).

ALL Censorship is an issue. Bad and offensive language is okay...the court of public opinion always wins out...right? 

We give you the final verdict on our thesis. How real is the social and digital civil war? Can we fix it? What did Dan and Corey learn from the discussions this season? And what did you learn?

#MakeThinkingSexyAgain! Muah!!