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The Politicization Of Medicine

The Daily Wire Claims Chris Rock as a Social Conservative Darling? And Something About "Woke" Chocolate.
A New Zealand Study Gives Us The Skinny On Covid Vaccine Data.
The Kidnappings In Mexico Get Us Asking About Why "Medical Tourism" Is Such A Necessity.

We start by taking too much time to make fun of some of the recent happenings in the cultural sphere. This time we pick on cultural conservatives a bit. Don't worry. If you're new to the show, don't worry. The cultural Liberals have gotten more than their fair share of shade. 

Four U.S. Citizens were kidnapped in Mexico this week. Lot's of click bait to push on this one. But the one story that matters here... is healthcare. We know... boring, right? The stories that matter often are. 

Data from New Zealand is showing very real data that the Covid vaccines don't work basically at all?! Not exactly but sort of. Even skeptics like us wanted to give them a little more credit than that.



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