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The Disconnection of Moral Perception Ft. Dr. Dylan Selterman

It's not necessarily what you say, but how you say it. Conservatives and liberals actually have morals that are pretty close to one another, but how they are stated can be remarkably different.
Moral perception and where liberals and conservatives are disconnection.

10:10 - Moral Perception and Where Liberals & Conservatives Disconnect.

More often than we realize, we want the same things, but frame the moral perception of the issue in a way that turns the other side off.

13:00 - Acceptable Diversity vs Unacceptable Diversity

"Let's include everyone...unless they think like 'the people over there'".

14:49 - "The Social Purity Test" Explained

The grass-roots activists that are actually on the ground, tend to be far more pragmatic in their approach to change. While the "political hobbyists" are very tribal and loud, with much less of an idea of what is actually occurring in the real world. The less you engage, the more you tend to push the liberal or conservative purity test.

17:05 - Is the Social / Digital Civil War Phony?

Research shows that folks do not like social and political conflict. This means the conversations are not being had in reality. Instead, they are relegated to out-of-context bickering over text platforms like social media. Americans in general, may just not be very emotionally intelligent. Anger is okay, but we need channel it a much better way when it comes to our political and social concerns. Better mental health could be the answer.

21:20 - Mental Health and How We Communicate

Understanding our emotions would greatly help with our political warfare. This needs to take place during childhood to better prepare our youth for adulthood and the disagreements and emotional diversity that they will face. 

24:00 - Giving Our Youth Less Structure & More Responsibility 

Let's start having our young people communicate and work together at a much younger age in order to serve themselves and the community. Could giving children more "Free Play" lead to a healthier democracy? Forcing children to work together at a young age could teach healthy democracy at a much younger age.

26:15 - Understanding Radical Thinkers, Fringe Groups, and Yes...Even Neo Nazis

Treating people like humans (even "the worst of the worst") is the best way to fight their ideas and change their minds. It should be common sense...but it isn't alway.

30:20 - Using Positive Psychology to Heal Political Psychology

Social and behavioral synchrony. Getting people on the same wave length on something builds camaraderie, warm feelings, etc. There can be a spill over into political views if you start right here. Shared experience and joy goes a long way. 

32:30 - We Are Loading Terms and Destroying Language

Simply reframing a liberal argument with different language can and will get more conservatives on board...and visa versa. Even liberals can have issues understanding their own frameworks due to the language used. If you can reframe your dogma to achieve a goal...thats what needs to be done.

38:00 - Identity

Could a form of "National Identity" heal our discourse? Maybe, but how do we get there when there is "so much inequality". We need to start by acknowledging the validity of the concerns of those we disagree with.

42:20 - Objectivity and Facts

"Facts" may not matter as much as we may think. As we get smarter, we get better at weaponizing true information to fit a narrative.

45:35 - Dopamine 

What is it really doing vs what we are lead to believe it's doing?

Mentioned Works:

"Free To Learn"- by Dr. Peter Gray

"The All Or Nothing Marriage" - by Eli J. Finkel

"Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World" - by Michelle J. Gelfand

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