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Taxation: The Political Football That Is Always Sitting At Midfield

Fair Tax? Yes Please.
Kevin McCarthy Gets Honest.
Video Isn't Enough to Quell False Narratives.

House Republicans have an idea that could set US tax code on its ears. Libertarians will (relatively speaking) love it! And establishment Democrats are turning it into something that it is not.

Egg prices are high, am I Right?! And Robert Reich gives an activist's, clout seeking explanation for it...and he's also wrong.

Kevin McCarthy sounded coherent in a response to a reporter that questioned him about removing Adam Schiff from the Intel Committee.

The body cam footage from the attack on Paul Pelosi has been released. And it's boring, regardless of what the conspiracy theorists say. It's clear that video evidence is still not enough to get some folks to see reality.

And we've got some sloppy second corrections on HBO Max's Velma and the Crowder v Daily Wire Saga


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