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Politics Are The WWE and YOU Are The Mark

As Tennessee State Senators are dismissed for poor decorum in the chamber, they are just as quickly reinstated. Which is not a problem. But it does help prove that our politics are nothing more than a performance.
Gamers are leaking documents now? And they're sitting on Discord servers for months? Great job, "Feds"!!
"The Gang of 8" Gets to see the classified docs from Trump, Biden, and Pence. How will they get this one wrong?

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Politics are nothing short of an attempt by more and more law makers to "go viral" and / or get their face on our TV screens. Look no farther than Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert and their goofy outfits and incessant squawking at The State of The Union. Or now, the Democratic State Senators from Tennessee breaking decorum to scream at Republicans about gun laws. As we all know...screaming at our political opponents just A LITTLE LOUDER will surely get them to come around. But what has changed our sacred chambers into complete theater? It's Trump. It was always Trump. The only difference is...he's actually really good at it.

Gamers be leakin' classified docs now? Full disclosure, this story was very new as of this recording. Where are the Feds? Is this a psyop? Are their foreign actors invading Gamer-land now? Since this recording it has been revealed that this was likely someone just trying to seem important. But still fun to keep an eye on.

A bi-partisan "Gang of Eight" are tearing thru the classified documents found in the homes of Trump, Biden, and Pence. Since lawmakers rarely have enough time to read Bills put on their desk in between sucking d**k for donations from their Oligarchic Overlords...it will be interesting to see how they get this totally wrong in a bi-partisan debacle.

Finland joins NATO.

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