"Intellectual Idiots Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy"

Political Ideologues LOVE What They Claim To Hate

Trump Pleads "Not Guilty". What's good, what's bad, and what's ugly? I'm sure too many won't agree.
Grifting is a big thing for right wing pundits...but it's pretty bad on the left as well. Give 'em credit.
Idaho Republicans try to ban Tampons in schools? If it wasn't an "anti-woke" thing...there is a way to make it make sense.
And anti-gun folks "raid" the state Capitol in Tennessee. Because that is what we do instead of democracy now.

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Trump has actually been indicted, and to no one's surprise has pleaded not guilty on 34 counts of felony "bad book keeping". Meaning now Americans have changed their expertise of the month to "Legal Theory" and "Grand Jury Power". Is Trump guilty of a fraud crime here? Almost certainly, yes. Is it also a flimsy felony case that galvanizes his base and degrades the integrity of more serious cases in the near future? Even more likely!

Idaho Republicans wage a war on Tampons as "Woke Derangement Syndrome" hits a new level of unhinged. 

Dylan Mulvaney and Budweiser do Capitalism together and Cultural Conservatives are using Cultural Lefty tactics to combat "depravity". What The Right doesn't understand is that they love trans ideology as much as Rachael Maddow loves Donald Trump. They just can't live without it. 

There was a "raid" on the Tennessee Capitol recently, by anti-gun lefties. Who covered it? Was it and "Insurrection"? And have we gotten so politically lazy that instead of collectively demanding better representation at the State and Federal level...we just raid Capitol buildings when we're pissed off? 


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