Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy!

Pilot - Get Out of Your Echo Chamber

Let's build a community.
In the Pilot episode, Dan and Corey discuss what this project is all about. At it's core, it's about critical thinking, nuanced discussion, and understanding.
At a time where Americans are fed what they are supposed to think based on which echo chamber they fell into while stumbling home from the bar, a lot of us are lost in the ball pit of common sense. Let's find out how different (or similar) we really feel (ON AVERAGE) about things like domestic and geo politics, race, gender, poverty, guns, and all of the other things we've been told we are supposed to think a certain way about.
Get out of your f***ing echo chamber!!

Dan and Corey open by discussing how they met. It had to do with family, beer, and BBQ. And it was all thanks to Jesus (But not in the way you think).

2:20 - "We're Tired of the Bullshit." 

The tit-for-tat moral equivalence is exhausting. It's time for the "silent middle" to make themselves heard. We're the biggest, quietest, and most underrepresented group in the country. Free-thinking, moderate Millennials take the biggest brunt as they find themselves stuck in a generational war between "Boomers" and "Get Z". Being "in the middle" is the biggest sin right now.

8:00- "The Recalibration of America's Moral Compass."

Millennials are on the verge of taking the baton. How do we want to be remembered? Do we want to be another generation that refuses to embrace change? Do we want to be the generation that accepts all change just for change's sake? Probably neither. 

10:00 "Being Wrong Is A Good Thing"

Get ready to be upset sometimes. If you are going to assume that all Trump voters are racist, inbred,'re going to assume that "Liberal" is just another word for "Transgendered Communist"...You're probably wrong. And that's okay. And it may just be because you're just too busy to use your critical thinking skills. So you pick up your opinion for the local convenience store that is Legacy and Social Media. 

15:00 "Let's Build A Community of Free Thinkers"

Opinions are rarely evil or felt with malice when they are well thought out and analyzed internally. And then expressed in a rational and nuanced form. They are not meant to be force fed to others with the expectation that they will comply. "Intellectual" is NOT a dirty word! Meaningful words are not meaningful anymore. Reality is not a game to be won. Political okay. 

19:50 "Make Thinking Sexy Again"

"Us vs Them" requires almost zero thought. Good faith conversations are how we make it through. Walking away from a difficult conversation with questions is how they should end...every time. Modifying and changing your opinion is GROWTH. We lose our prejudices and biases with experience and growth. Should we be defined by them? 

34:30 "Social Justice, Allies, and Ego"

42:25 Previewing Season 1 - "Understanding America's Social Civil War (Real or Window Dressing)"


*Music Presented Under Creative Commons: "Confused" by Makaih Beats