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Listener Topics; Republican Immigration Policy; Reality of Censorship; Energy Extremism; Nuclear War

Listener picks!
Why we left the two party system.
Loretta Lynn Dies: Bringing Us To Discuss The Reality of How We Feel About Censorship.
Energy Extremism: Is It Sort Of Helping The Discussion?

We asked you what you'd like to hear us talk about, and we're ready to deliver on Trump vs McConnell, Marjorie Taylor Green accusing Democrats of killing Republicans, and more...


Loretta Lynn passed away in the past week. And it got Corey and I thinking about censorship and how people aren't actually against it. They just want the censorship that fits their view of morality.


Energy Extremism. How the Climate activists vs Fossil Fuel Hawks contest is making those of us in the middle take a more pragmatic view of how to approach energy going forward.




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