Fostering Political and Cultural Literacy!

Intellectual Idiots Understanding The Social & Digital Civil War

Dan and Corey break down America's social and digital civil war as they see it. Prior to any conversations from the outside. How will the discussion progress as the season continues?

01:00 - Feedback Loops, Values, and Over Simplification.

Delegitimizing "The Other's" values in 240 characters...Does doing so make your values more legitimate? How real is the issue of this "war"? Would you delegitimize another's concerns and values if you conversed in the open air? The inability to convey or perceive emotions (other than anger) online. Is online discourse the new "Road Rage"? It's amazing what "anonymity" will allow a person to do. Being PERFECTLY centrist is virtually impossible.

12:00 - The 10-80-10 Rule and the Squeaky Wheel Getting the Grease

Trying to win an unnecessary, un-winnable argument vs trying to solve the actual problem at hand.

16:40 - What Do You Get When You Raise A Logical Argument On Social Media vs A Logical Argument With Great Thinkers In Reality?

Deflection. Deflection. Deflection. That's what you'll get on social media. The "Yea, worse." Well balanced, nuanced debate and compromise is what you'll get in the real world. You may even make a few new friends outside of your monotonous echo chamber. 

18:30 - "Catastrophizing" 

How long does it take to build a skyscraper? Now, how long does it take to tear it down? Legacy media makes a lot more money and gains a lot more viewers and readers by tearing things down than they do by building things up.  If you're not're living life wrong!

22:00 - Social Media...The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good: Awareness and conversation of global, national, and local issues. A bunch of internet goofballs get Gary a new Liver. The Bad: Polarization. Differing opinions make everyone a brainwashed, bad person. The Ugly: Misinformation, disinformation, and CENSORSHIP. More information is not always good information. "Smartest-Man-In-the-Room Syndrome". "The smartest 1% of all people are still missing 99% of all knowledge" - Michael Malice.  This means that diversification of ideas is still just as important as it was 200 years ago. 

34:20 - Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy has become a meaningless word when it comes to political discourse. Everyone is hypocrite...So no-one is a hypocrite. Growth is often seen as hypocrisy when the growth doesn't fit the narrative. 

41:50 - "Mis" and "Dis"

If something on social media checks all of your "agreement boxes" or completely pisses you off for every's probably (mostly) bullshit. We spend too much time chasing and fighting shadows. 

48:10 - It Could Get Worse, But It Just Doesn't Have To


CC Music: "Confused" by Makaih Beats