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House Keeping! - Ian and Politicizing Disaster; Immigration; Pandemic Is Over; MORE...

How The Uni-party Exploits Disaster For Your Vote.
Nord Stream Sabotage...Who Done It?
Immigration: Republicans Made Their Point...But What Is Their Plan?
Joe Biden Demonstrates Why He and Trump Aren't So Different.

Dan and Corey are back after and adventurous week. We take some time to clean up two weeks of topics that we haven't made it to after the short hiatus. With a little branding shift. 

What's going on with hurricane Ian and how will the #uni-party use disaster to make you hate your neighbor more? 

The DeSantis immigration fiasco continued. Conservative politicians have made their point and called out the hypocrisy of Progressives and #LimousineLiberals. But what is the possible Presidential candidate's plan? Does he actually have one? 

The Nord Stream Pipeline was sabotaged! Who done it?! We may never know. And even if we do, how long will it take to agree? Putin's "Desperation", Protests, and Russian's Leaving Their Country. BONUS: Edward Snowden's new citizenship 

Joe Biden's 60 Minutes Interview and what it reveals about his similarities and differences to Donald Trump. 

Anti-Diarrheal Drugs and Autism? 

Corey's Monologue: Something About Private Prisons 



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