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Government Grows To Bring Authoritarian Woes

Authoritarianism is not a partisan fight. It is a bi-partisan problem for the people. And it isn't just an American issue. It is global. Authoritarianism often seems like a good thing when your ideologues are in power. It can be tough to see. It can look like a good thing that is easy to overlook, or even excuse. It's NOT.

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The strength and power of government world wide continues to try to expand and maintain its status quo. Whether we're talking about here in America, France, Israel, or the entire Middle East, we have to continue to talk about it. Because when "Big Gubberment" wins...we all lose.

Topics Covered: 

1) Bill S. 686. Otherwise known as the "Restrict Act" or the "Tik Tok Ban Bill. 

2) China brokering peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran and where the United States fits in. 

3) Benjamin Netenyahu's bill to restrict the Israeli courts from reviewing legislation put fourth by Parliament. Yikes! 

4) Afroman being sued for making a music video using footage of the Adams County Sheriff's Department executing a bulls**t warrant and finding nothing. Law enforcement is not here to "serve and protect".

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