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Good Trump, Bad Trump: Turning Enemies Into Friends - Ft. Erick Slomkowski

What do you get when you put a paradoxical liberal, a libertarian, and a former regional director for the Trump campaign in the same room in 2021? Tune in and find out.

Dan and Corey are Joined by Erick Slomkowski. Erick was the regional director for Donald Trump's campaign in 2016 for a good chunk of Southeast Michigan. He got his start in politics working on Ron Paul's campaign in 2012. He also worked on Rick Snyder's campaign during his run for Governor of Michigan.

No time stamps today and very few edits as we just have a candid conversation with Erick about how views and opinions can change as facts change. Facts should change opinions and not the other way around.

Erick abandoned Donald Trump based on principals that mattered to him. Not because he was told he was supposed to. Not for the reasons that the left throws around to boost their own moral high high ground.

It was a great conversation among three people with very different political leanings. If more of these conversations were had...we could end the social and digital civil war.