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Don't Know Who To Blame? It's Usually The FBI. - Who's Finally Going To Start This War On Christmas?

What do Twitter, The Beltway Journalist Class, Republicans, Democrats, and Elon Musk all have in common?

As more revelations start to emerge whilst the onion is peeled back on the #TwitterFiles, could it be that Twitter middle management isn't as much at fault for censorship as we first imagined? Bullying is bad... Particularly bullying by federal law enforcement. 

Elon's biggest mistake with regards to his handling of Twitter. Was it even a mistake at all? Or is it all part of his grand plan?

The Omnibus spending bill is being portrayed as both a great bi-partisan compromise, as well as an unmitigated disaster. So which is it? Well generally when the uni-party reaches and internal compromise...It's a disaster. 


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