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Death of a Monarch; The Autocracy of the "Uni-Party"; Trump's Nuclear Docs; MORE...

What Are The Differences Between Biden & Trump Following the "D*rk Br*ndon" Speech?
Elizabeth II's Legacy Thru The Eyes of Intellectual Idiots.
The Price-Setter Pelosis Are At It Again.
Parts of Europe Begin To Hold Their Own Government Accountable for Ukraine.

Is Joe Biden beginning to embrace the "Dark Brandon" label? His speech in Philadelphia over the weekend suggests he may be as he fans the flames of fear and all but accuses a vast swathe of Americans of being domestic terrorists. 

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on the day of this recording. Whatever Americans or anyone around the globe may think of her or the certain ways...she was kind of a badass. 

Is there a way out of the Mar-a-Lago / DOJ situation where America actually feels like its gotten the truth? Or is the partisan media frenzy too much for our collective mind to handle? 

Nancy Pelosi had another convenient stock sell-off just in the nick of time! Imagine that! 

Europe is starting to get pissed about the war in Ukraine. Protesting begins. Is it still up to Ukraine to end things as the Biden administration claims?