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Bourbon Banter Biden Bash (6.0)

After doing the unthinkable and saying that a president at some point in US history did a good thing, we give you what we promised....A Biden bashing.

Dan and Corey open the show by mentioning that they can STFU about Afghanistan by talking about Afghanistan.

It's coming folks. As Promised, Dan and Corey spend a nice amount of time telling you why Joe Biden sucks (even if he did one good thing, and we preceded to give him credit for it like the Biden Beta Cucks we are)!!

How "Woke" is "Too Woke"? New segment? Perhaps. But until then, starting fires in the name of Climate Justice may not be the best way to get your point across.

Joe Rogan had Covid and got better very quickly. "What an a**hole!!!" What if the "horse dewormer" works? Are we allowed to ask that question? Which brings us to this week's Red Pill vs Blue Pill. Which one are you swallowing (if you have to)?