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Bourbon Banter 9.0 - The Divorce

Corey is getting a divorce from Tulsi Gabbard. The Left is also capable of bullshit conspiracy theories. The Trump Administration tried to "James Bond" an American Hero. What does the FBI actually do? Let's take a look at January 6th. And a Trump vs Pence showdown on Celebrity Death Match?

Corey and Dan open by unpacking Tulsi Gabbard's week on Tucker Carlson's show. She is being called a Neo-Con and Xenophobe in the wake of her interviews. How much is real and is Corey asking her for a divorce now?

It's been made quite clear in the last week that the Steele Dossier and the Maracopa County election fraud fiasco are both utter bullshit. Third party Audits have been done, and arrests have been made. Conspiracy theories are are for everyone. Not just QANON

The FBI just can't get a win. First the Gretchen Whitmer plot, and now this. January 6th was loaded with feds. What does the FBI actually do? Are they just a national joke now?

Trump vs Pence?...Next time on Celebrity Death Match.

What can California's wildfires teach us about how we view and trust Government?

What can the revelations about the Steele Dossier and Maracopa County teach us about how we view the two garbage political parties that so many are RELUCTANTLY married to?