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Bourbon Banter 8.0

Missing White Woman Syndrome Takes the Nation By Storm. We have a brand new crisis at the border. How much freedom is too much freedom? Gavin Newsome wasn't's our shocked face...

Dan and Corey open with the Gabby Petito story because true crime people are salivating over a pretty white girl that went missing, as usual. While mostly forgetting the tragedy of death and just eating popcorn while watching Nancy Grace squawk like a bird. But what if Gabby Petito were a low-income Black Woman from Detroit? 

We have a brand new boarder crisis!! Don't worry, though. The old one didn't go away. This one is just a new way for Tucker Carlson to scare boomers into thinking the globalists are going to steal their Werther's Originals straight out of the candy dish. Meanwhile, the illiberal Libs blame Trump policies for the problem as Biden continues to implement them. But don't worry...we were "humanitarians" in Afghanistan!!

Gavin Newsome wasn't recalled. And hypocrisy is a USELESS word, so stop framing your arguments around it!!