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Bourbon Banter 7.0

AOC's Gala dress, a Robert E. Lee statue, and a drone strike in Afghanistan walk into a bar....

AOC's Met Gala dress got lot's of attention for it's statement ("Tax The Rich"). But what does the situation say about AOC, the politician?

A lot of people have a lot to say about the recent Robert E. Lee statue that was removed from Richmond Virginia. Who was Robert E. Lee, really? Corey will help you out with an abbreviated history lecture given by an intellectual idiot. What does the removal of the statue really mean? Well, seemingly nothing if you happen to be white...

The details of the last drone strike in Afghanistan are out. Who did we kill? Cable news certainly won't tell you, because that would be a "bad look". Where are the crocodile tears now?

Corey's monologue - The Vaccine Mandates. What they mean to him, and what they might mean to you. Give us your opinion @libservativepod on instagram and twitter. Or at

Dan's Monologue - Protests in Kandahar. Maybe 20 years in Afghanistan wasn't a total waste? Perhaps the hubris of the US Military will be exposed by people standing up for themselves with no military intervention. Give us your opinion @libservativepod on insta and twitter. Or at