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Bourbon Banter 5.0 - 13 Soldiers Lost Represent 1000s Forgotten

Dan and Corey discuss the final steps of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and how many people are unable to view the Afghan War for what it truly is. Which is a complicated, nuanced, 20 year marathon.

Dan and Corey start by naming the 13 Service Members killed at the Kabul airport at the hands of ISIS during the evacuation. This episode is dedicated to them and the countless others killed in service to America in Afghanistan since 2001.

PLEASE stop using these 13 deaths to virtue signal a culture war narrative about "BIDEN BAD"!! (We already know Biden is bad...) And please stop using them to perpetuate a neocon, forever war narrative. Unless you can tell us ways in which it is not gross to do so. We're all ears @libservativepod and at

Donald Trump wants us to go back to Afghanistan to recover our toys. Oops...left the Tonka Trucks in the wrong sandbox!

In this week's "Red Pill - Blue Pill" segment...the topic is..."My Body My Choice." Vaccine mandates vs Abortion rights as Texas get's the go ahead to implement a very controversial abortion law while vaccine mandates are still a hot-button topic. 

Hurricane Ida. Corey and Dan predict how the narrative will go moving into next week for the polarized, radical idealogues on the left and right!