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Bourbon Banter 23 - Gag Orders By The Fed; Kazakhstan's "Coup"

Dan and Corey talk about the story that mainstream publications appear to have a gag order not to discuss. Big banks are gambling with your money again. Kazakhstan may be the most politically savvy country in the world.

The top four lenders in American Banking gambled their liquidity away right before #Covid broke free. But we weren't allowed to know about it until now. And nobody is reporting on it. Why? And what does it mean?

 Red Pill vs Blue Pill: Which one are you taking? - Kamala Harris' Speech on #January6th 

Civil unrest in Kazakhstan. What does it mean for the United States, China, and Russia respectively? 

How Woke Is Too Woke? Poor Patton Oswalt 

#SpreadingPositivity: mRNA research...HINT: It has nothing to do with Covid.