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Bourbon Banter 22.0 - Positivity Continued

Dan and Corey discuss the Ahmaud Arbery murder sentencing, spreading positive news about the climate and poverty in 2022, Marojorie Taylor Greene's Twitter blowout, and mandates mandates mandates!!

Corey is taking part in "Dry January" not. 

We open the show with the positive discussion of the three bastards who murdered Ahmaud Arbery getting their just desserts. Life in prison. With two of the three not getting a chance at parole. 

Spreading Positivity continued: Things like climate change and poverty are things that we are trained to fear and "catastrophize" with good reason. But let's have a look at the relative data. Things really are getting better. We have a long way to go, but it's always good to celebrate accomplishments once in a while.

Red Pill vs Blue Pill: Marjorie Taylor Greene caught a permanent ban from Twitter. "Dangerous speech getting what it deserves".  Or "CENSORSHIP"!!

The movie "Don't Look Up". What it got right. And why people missing the point, proves its point even further.