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Bourbon Banter 20.0 - Merry Holidays

Dan and Corey discuss the bipartisan nature of what equates to insider trading in congress. But by all means keep blaming the blue team or red team. Russia isn't going to invade Ukraine. They just aren't.

Dan and Corey open the show wishing you #MerryHolidays as to offend everyone equally. No discrimination here. 

Corey has a minor correction to make from last week's show regarding suicide rates among adolescent girls as compared to boys. We re-hash a bit of the "oversimplification" of the cause of school shootings.

@BusinessInsider has a wonderful running piece going about the United States Congress and its violations of The Stock Act instituted under Barack Obama. It's bipartisan as f**k! Thirteen Republicans and Democrats, their staffers, and more have failures to report, late reports, missed disclosures, and late disclosures about their dealing in our glorious "Free Market". But by all means, keep arguing about who is worse and who is the lesser of two evils...

Geopolitics are run by public fear. Russia isn't going to invade Ukraine. And even if they did, it would have a lot to do with the Scooby Doo style meddling that our cracker-jack U.S Government just can't seem to avoid. Shall we talk about the 2014 Coup?

How woke is too woke? Perhaps wishing death upon people that aren't even real to prove a point...or something.