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Bourbon Banter 2.0

Dan and Corey gather to drink their chosen whiskey and banter about the goings on with Andrew Cuomo, Biden's infrastructure bill, the eviction moratorium, and the new federal Covid mandates. Let's drink...and talk.

Dan and Corey open the show with their chosen beverages for the evening.

Governor Cuomo's creepy ass has put in his "two week" notice, and we have exclusive audio of Donald Trump watching the presser. You won't get this anywhere else!

Narrative number one is on Biden's infrastructure bill. Will we side with the Progressive, or the conservative narrative on this one?

Narrative number two is on the eviction moratorium. It may surprise you who we side with on this one as both sides pretty much want the same thing but have no idea how to express it or understand that they actually agree with their "mortal enemy".

Narrative number three...covid mandates. "YOU MUST GET THE SHOT IF..." Don't get too butthurt. It's going to be okay.