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Bourbon Banter 19.0

Dan and Corey review how boring the #MaxwellTrial is and will always be, just how bad and avoidable the deaths in Illinois and Kentucky were during last Friday's storms, Stephen Donziger's "Freedom", and how "woke" is too "woke"?

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is boring and nobody is gonna get what they want out of it. Especially not #Qanan.

The #MayfieldSTRONG deaths were inexcusable. What could it mean for the families and the overall #labor movement?

Stephen #Donziger has been released to serve the remainder of his sentence under "home confinement". His crime? Holding a multinational corporation accountable for atrocities committed against poor brown people. This case is textbook corruption in the U.S. justice system.

How Woke is too Woke? Using a platform to suggest that blaming school shootings on "mental health" is too simplistic, while also blaming school shootings on "Toxic Masculinity". Mental health is too simplistic, but toxic masculinity is not? Tell us more, Doc.