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Bourbon Banter 18.0

Dan and Corey go over some of the important stories of the week. Jussie Smollett, Omicron, Tim Gilbert's retrial, Agent Provocateur's stealing your tax money, and a short update on Oxford, Michigan.

Jussie Smollett was Convicted on 5/6 counts of disorderly conduct. Why is this case so important to people? What Smollett did was wrong and deserves to be punished. seems like there is a little "white fragility" showing too. Is your life really that sad?

Omicron news still seems to be good (relatively speaking). A doctor on the ground in South Africa has some encouraging things to say. Hear what Hayley Hodgson has to say about her viral video from a "Covid internment camp"in Australia as presented by Unherd. 

Vaccines can be safe and effective...and ALSO a grift for drug companies. Both can be true???

Real Racism DOES exist. And we can still fight it...even in the courts. As the media and social media lose their minds of Jussie Smollett, a black man who was convicted of assault by an all white jury that deliberated in a room full of Confederate paraphernalia is getting a new trial after a year behind bars. 

Your tax dollars are paying for LARPers? Over half a billion dollars, to be exact. But the narratives that are generated are paying off and breaking your brain. So who cares?

An update on #Oxfordstrong from the surrounding community. Why has this disappeared from the news cycle even as the school district and parents of the shooter could be culpable for the deaths of 4 innocent kids? Copy cat threats are making the rounds all over Southeast Michigan.