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Bourbon Banter 17.0 - #OxfordStrong

We are Oxford, Michigan. We record our show a mere 30 minutes from the Community. When this stuff hits close to's fucking different. Take your grandstanding and shove it.

Tate Myre

Hana St. Juliana

Justing Shilling

Madisyn Baldwin

When school violence hits YOUR community...It's different. We record our show about 30 minutes from #oxford , Michigan. And to all of the grandstanders...kindly, get bent.

The #GhislaineMaxwell trial is under way. Don't expect to get what you want out of it...

#Omicron is here!! Maybe that is a good thing? Are we allowed to say that?

Chris #Cuomo is GONE!! Proving yet again that the corporate media doesn't actually believe what it's selling you. Remember Bill O'Reilly?

Nicaraguan Election Reset

Corey's Monologue