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Bourbon Banter 16.0 - Verdicts Make Ya'll Crazy

The Rittenhouse verdict is in, but so is another important verdict that dropped the very same day. Why does it matter?

Dan and Corey open the show with the Rittenhouse verdict because it is causing echo-chambers to implode before our eyes. Another opportunity for the right to get the moral high ground and they blow it again. He's not guilty, but he's not a "hero" and he's not your buddy. 

Andrew Coffee also found not guilty using the self-defense...defense. Who is Andrew Coffee? That's the point. One thing we know for sure is that each of these verdicts have made it clear that defending ourselves is still important and upheld by the law. Race bating is clearly a problem in both polarized silos as if it is an insurgency and a counter insurgency. Neither side has a moral high ground even when they have the opportunity to snatch it.

The defense attorney for the defendants in the Ahmaud Arbery trial has an interesting history.

Elections in Chile are under way with a far right candidate and a far left candidate heading leading as of this recording. It begs an interesting question. Does it make more sense to push candidates that are more radical and work your way to the middle like in Chile. Or work from the inside out like in America? We already know our way doesn't work, right?

Is being in a pandemic a political decision?

The reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict is a precursor to the next few election heard it here first.