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Bourbon Banter 15.1 - You're Wrong About Kyle Rittenhouse

The Kyler Rittenhouse verdict hadn't dropped as of this recording. It doesn't matter because you're probably wrong about it. America loves colonialism, and we all hope Joe Biden enjoys his final honeymoon.

Dan and Corey reboot their last episode that was so full of difficulties, they couldn't release it. You're not a real podcast until you have a lost episode, anyway. 

Unions are making a comeback in America. But will the workers get it right this time? We're certainly cheering them on!!

The infrastructure bill has passed. It doesn't matter, and it probably doesn't help you. The reconciliation bill also hadn't passed as of this recording, but we discuss it anyway. Strip down your bills so that the corporatists win!! That's the name of the game for the right wing democrats...

Kyle Rittenhouse going free will really upset the illiberal left, but will the fact that the United States government continues to try to launch coups against leftist governments abroad, in the name of helping out the corporations that want to steal resources?...We seriously doubt it...