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Bourbon Banter 14.0

Dan and Corey had a rough week. But not as rough of a week as Democrats trying to figure out what went wrong in Virginia...

Wish Dan a happy 33rd Birthday on the day of this recording.

Virginia turned red? Who could have seen that coming? Nobody except us and 95% of "New Media". The only ones scratching their head over it are the corporatist cable news networks, and for-profit print media. When all you do is play identity politics and don't even attempt to keep ANY campaign promises, you lose elections. Democrats have done nothing to earn votes, and Virginia is just the first step toward what we will see in 2022. Don't worry though. When the republicans take back power, they won't do any better on real issues and real policy. We will collectively get sick of them as well, and flip the tables again in 2026. So we'll talk to you then. Are you sick of this bullshit yet?

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