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Bourbon Banter 12.0 - A Phone It In Frenzy

Dan and Corey had a bad week. So we're phoning it in. Corey almost died from the flu and Dan has allergies that will kill an elephant. Corey's parents have covid. The trial over the MURDER of Ahmaud Arbery is starting soon. The workers are revolting! America lost a war monger

Dan and Corey open up with their fall illnesses. Corey nearly died from some (non-covid) bug, and Dan's (non-covid) allergies nearly take hime out. Corey's boomer parents have covid and are...doing well.

The workers revolution is causing the supply chain to crumble. Selfishly, we all want people to get back to work so we can "get our stuff", but what is the bigger picture here?

Ahmaud Arbery's MURDERERS are going to trial soon. Is it open and shut? had better be.

Big Pharma provides how much of the FDA's budget? Why is this a problem? 

Colin Powell died. He's a warmonger and also the new darling of the left. Just because a man dies, doesn't mean the stopped being a mass murdering POS.

How woke is too woke? How about nearly causing catastrophic oil the name of preventing a catastrophic oil spill?

"LET'S GO BRANDON"...The idiotic marketing scheme.