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Bourbon Banter 11.0 - Big Pharma Boot Licking

The media licks the boots of big pharma in the name of killing Covid...again. Christopher Columbus was a piece of shit, but should we totally forget him? The debt ceiling crisis is solved for now because democrats are out of touch, and republicans are out of touch, assholes.

Merck has come out with a new miracle drug to keep you from dying of Covid!! Woohoo?!

Hold the phone. Do we really need a new miracle drug? Maybe. But was there another promising generic drug that showed promise and never really researched because it wouldn't be profitable? Let's talk about how much of this new drug the federal government has already committed to BUYING after PAYING for the research of the drug in the first place. And how much is the government paying for said drug? You won't even be able to guess. Your money is not only being spent twice on the same drug, but the price gouging is something to behold. 

The debt ceiling "crisis" has been solved. At least until December. How did congress pull off this massive feat of zero consequence and idiotic fear mongering? Such heroes, they are!!

Monday was Indigenous People's Day (Formerly known as Columbus Day). Which brings us to our RED PILL vs BLUE PILL segment of the show! Are the "Libs" erasing history, or are the "White Supremacists" condoning the murder of brown people? It's really neither, but its' more fun to put it in mainstream terms.

The Vatican protects pedophiles...and because of their sovereignty, it's totally okay!! Nothing to see here.

California is mandating a gender neutral toy aisle in big box stores. The attempts to distract us from the real issues are getting more and more obvious each and every day.