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Bourbon Banter 10.0 - The Real Job Creators

Dan get's fancy with a Martini while Corey stays traditional. The Pandora Papers reveal more than just rich foreigners hiding their money. Andrew Yang saves America? And the debt ceiling is a Boomer trope.

Dan and Corey open with a discussion on the Pandora Papers. Which is a collaboration of 100s of journalists from dozens of countries exposing some of the worlds richest and most powerful people for hiding their money to avoid taxes. A luxury that 99.999999% of the world's population does not possess. But none of the U.S's top 10 richest people appear in the 12 million documents. What does that mean? The world's richest country is already a tax haven for the filthy rich?

Andrew Yang is leaving the Democratic Party. Branching off to start his own Party known as "The Forward Party". Could it work? It could. But it's going to need a few things.

The deadline is quickly approaching to raise the debt ceiling before the U.S goes into default. A scary nightmare scenario? Or a bunch of toddlers playing with an unloaded gun? Let's hear from the Boomers in the back.