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Bourbon Banter 1.0

Bourbon Banter will henceforth be the episodes where Dan and Corey get together, drink whiskey (preferably bourbon), and give you ongoing narratives being pushed by the political left and right and express their opinions as to why they're all flawed, hypocritical, and unreasonably biased.

Dan and Corey start by talking up their chosen beverages and a little discussion about Joe Rogan. Is the world divided along the lines of Rogan haters and Rogan lovers? Who is right in that scenario?

Narrative Number 1:

The Cuba Protests. Both Conservatives and Liberals have their flawed, chosen narratives on Cuba. But who's makes more sense? We'll tell you our opinions. We'd love to hear yours. Shoot us an email at or send us a DM on twitter

Narrative Number 2:

Lab Leak Theory. We know logically how likely it is that SARS-CoV2 came from a lab in Wuhan. So what's with mainstream media and it's coverage of it over the last year and a half? Give us your thoughts via email or the tweet machine.

Narrative Number 3:

The January 6th Committee. Liberals and Conservatives both have narratives here. Could they both be right and wrong at the same time? Send us an email or get at us on twitter!!