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Biden's "Redemption"; Republicans Hate Vets; Pelosi v China; Kansas Abortion Vote; MORE...

Trump Cucks Out To The Saudis.
Biden's Reconciliation Bill 2.0. Will It Fix All Of America's Ills?
Republicans Throw A Hissy Fit & Try to Screw Our Vets....Again.
Pelosi Goes To War With China, and Kansas Sets the Tone On Abortion.

It's primary season!! And the broken system does not disappoint. Dan sits it out, while Corey tries to save The World... one vote at a time as he researches the candidates in his car prior to voting. 

LIV Golf joins Trump for a Soiree at the expense Jamal Khashoggi and the lives of the Houthi people of Yemen.

 Biden's "Redemption" Bill. Raising corporate taxes and what it really means. Giving the IRS more money? Everybody wants that, right?! 

The Burn Pit Bill Passes the Senate, but not without republicans treating Vets the way they always have. 

Biden's Boarder Wall. But don't worry, it's for the safety of the migrants. 

Pelosi vs China. We Joke...but it's not that funny. 

Kansas votes on abortion. What does it mean and where do we go from there?