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Biden Is A Conservative; DOJ Politics; California Can't Meme; Energy Pragmatism

Joe Biden is a conservative. He always has been. But if you still don't believe it. Check out his speech in Pennsylvania.
The DOJ has set new rules for it's employees regarding elections. What does it mean?

Joe Biden gave a speech in Wilkes-Barre praising cops and calling to "FUND" the police. If you were to read the transcript of the speech without knowing who was delivering it, you might think he's a conservative senator trying to win a blue district. Joe Biden is not a liberal. Stop pretending. 

Merrick Garland is trying to get the politics out of the Department of Justice. At least the part the American people can see. 

Let's have a pragmatic conversation about the future of energy.  California has a really good idea, coupled with what seems to be a few very bad ones. Climate activists would be much better received by skeptics if they didn't always insist on putting the cart before the horse.

Dan's Monologue: California Is Killing Medicine and R**ing Science. The FDA approved the next covid booster. But...but...but Why?